Phil Collen/Chris Epting – Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard and Beyond


Phil Collen is the first member of the Def Leppard family (yes, it is a family) that releases his autobiography and truth be told here, he raises the bar high for the rest which will probably follow in the future. “Adrenalized” is a legible and absolutely enjoyable 240-page book that includes many unreleased photos (mainly from Collen’s personal archive). This is a book that you can’t leave down as the narration of the events is so vivid that the reader gets the impression that he’s like a fly on the wall and watches over Collen as he is (re)living those moments in his life and career.

Having followed Collen’s path with Def Leppard since the mid-80s, I knew –more or less- lots of details in regards with the majority of the events that marked the career of the British supergroup. What I didn’t know, of course, were all those personal moments of Collen’s private life that the guitarist chooses to reveal to us through the pages of “Adrenalized”. From his childhood in the streets of London, his decision to become a musician after a Deep Purple concert in 1972 where Ritchie Blackmore put on a hell of a show and his first bands up to his virgin steps in the music industry with Girl and his entrance in Def Leppard, “Adrenalized” proves to be a valuable guide to all those who want to learn more about Collen’s life, Def Leppard and beyond as the subtitle suggests.

Personally, I singled out the absolutely touching recollection of Collen’s close friendship with the late Steve Clark, his admiration of Rick Allen, the bond among the Def Leppard founders, Joe Elliott & Rick Savage and his absolute determination for a healthy diet and life in general. And all these, from an individual who is highly spiritual, educated and well-informed about what’s going in the world today.

As a closing note, I must underline that this is a book aimed towards not only to all the Def Leppard fans out there but also to all those who want to read some interesting stories by a guy who managed to stop drinking alcohol in the mid-80s and chose a healthier and more balanced life. Most importantly, he chose a happier life and this alone is truly an inspiration to all of us. Did I mention that there was a chance of seeing Collen in the Iron Maiden camp in 1981…? Oh well, all these and more it’s on the book…don’t miss it!