Exploring book titles in an e-shop I bumped into this one, the only book that’s out there about the Misfits!

When I got the book in my hands it gave me a very bad impression because it looks like a course book and while you are reading there is so many footnotes that it seems like you are reading an essay, or report and not a book about a punk/hardcore legend.

Apart from being grumpy “This Music Leaves Stains” may be small in size but it contains everything you need to know about the band from how it was formed, the early years, getting famous, the tensions between members, Danzig’s departure and the reform without him in the ‘90s. Another drawback is the absolute lack of visual material as there are only some black and white photos from the same show in 1983.

Greene’s writing style is rather personal showing that he has knowledge about the band and it history, but sometimes his sense of humour seems needles. What’s very positive is that he analyzes the influences of the band members that came from TV, movies, comics and led to the band’s image, sound and music style that became so influential for both contemporaries and future bands and artists. Also, the descriptions are detailed and to the point, the facts are clear and the author remains impartial and sometimes you get the impression that you are reading a novel and not a music biography. If only there weren’t so many notes that make you go back and forth. The best thing is that the reader can appreciate the characters involved, especially Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only.

The thought that kept coming back while reading was that this book could have been even better and more reader friendly. However, it’s full of knowledge offering what both the average rock fans, as well as fan of the band would seek in a book about a band. The setup might not be ideal, but the material and the insight to Misfits is priceless and at a very reasonable price actually.