Awaiting the successor of “Deadly Passions” was really interesting. That was an album, which actually introduced me to Hydrogyn; I’m watching every move they make ever since. At first “Judgement” felt a bit strange, when I listened to the first sounds of “Lost Reality”. Not because the opening track is a bad song, on the contrary… It just gave me the impression that I was between experimentation and a new path for the American band, featuring a more brutal sound, in comparison to what they’ve released in the past.
The rest of “Judgement” fully satisfied me though, as I found out, after listening to it over and over again, that this is evolution for Hydrogyn. This is a remarkable album, based on the ingredients of the previous one plus the band has added some fresh ideas as well as experience. Songs like “Alone”, “Gold Dust Woman”, “Too Late” and “Don’t Be My Judge” can hold the album to a high standard level, embrace the people’s taste; the songs nature is such, they can invade the media. It is imperative to underline the wonderful production of the album, arranged by Jeff Westlake, with Michael Wagener participating once again, as well as Julie’s’ voice. One must not let out the amazing cover on “Assault Attack” (M.S.G.) nor the bonus material of the c.d., featuring live performances on “Deadly Passion”, live and studio versions of “Big Star” and the incredible “Candles Light Your Face”, from Hydrogyn’s previous album.
I consider “Judgement” one of the best 2011 releases, something that will lift the band a lot, considering the hard times we live in.