You know why I love so much Hydrogyn? Because, apart from being really capable musicians, they never seem to stop working…constantly and most importantly retaining a high level of quality! Each and every single album of theirs succeeds and surpasses in quality (and in ways of promotion) the previous one…and that says it all! On a side note, the band members launch from time to time some really interesting projects that are definitely worth checking out.

“Private Sessions” is simply another reaffirmation of the above estimation of mine. This is a brand new, fresh, powerful, exceptionally “in your face”, catchy and well crafted record that bears every potential of becoming a huge hit as it can apply to the taste of both the rock and metal audience. Its production is crystal clear and it does without all the trivia and unnecessary elements of that fake impression that many bands nowadays try to include in their works. Julie Westlake, Hydrogyn’s frontwoman, seems to be in great vocal shape thus uplifting “Private Sessions” at an all-time high!

There is no need for further analysis…invest on this really remarkable Kentucky-based outfit and you won’t regret it…trust me.