Hyperfuel – Planet Panic


This fuel is hyper indeed! This is a debut that’s full of energy, rhythm and riffs… loads of riffs!

Let’s start from the beginning… The 3 DangerAngel guys who live in Athens, Ethan Snow, Tony Venieris and Rudy Rallis decided to form a band with the very talented Tasos Lazaris on vocals, to keep themselves occupied. The songs they put in their first album are metal. Of course, there are several moments that you can hear DangerAngel, but I guess that’s just natural and inevitable, but surely not bad at all (“Reborn” could have easily been in a DangerAngel album). Their sound is a bit more modern bringing in mind bands like SixxAM and Shinedown, but it can also get vintage. Rare are the times when the foot gets easier on the pedal, since most of the stuff is fast and furious. After listening to the entire album from start to finish you think that you went through an avalanche. Ethan’s variety of riffs that fill every spot is very impressive.

Hyperfuel seem to find themselves even from their first album and they seem very specific. It’s rare to listen to a band that’s so precise both musically and stylistically on its debut. But, remember that these guys are experienced and very good musicians. Let’s see what happens next…

You can Listen on :
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6EGiNQczSYWJZRfykUC1aH
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC03u1SVDRyzujUvSummkxyQ