Hypocrisy – End Of Disclosure

It’s been already four years since the release of “A Taste Of Extreme Divinity”; it’s the first time it takes them so long from one album to the next. Probably Pain is the main project for     Peter Tägtgren now… Nevertheless Hypocrisy is back with its 12th record and it worths every single cent it costs as it is highly qualitative work even though it’s not a revolutionary listening experience. And, yes, Hypocrisy doesn’t necessarily have to bring something new to the table. Having created the entire Swedish melodic death metal scene is more than enough.

I’m stuck with “End Of Disclosure” not just for the reasons every Hypocrisy fan can be stuck with (catchy melodies, great solos, the riffs, memorable choruses, Peters growls, Horgh’s fast and technical drumming). Two new tunes (“44 Double Zero”, “The Eye”) are here to stay! Definitely two of the best songs this act has ever written in their whole career so far. Especially “44 Double Zero” can become the band’s new hymn and it is thrashy enough to remind us of At The Gates. “End Of Disclosure” and “The Return” are thrashy tunes as well.  The rest of the songs are mainly mid-tempo and sound great.

As for the titles that work as teasers (“The Eye”, “Soldier Of Fortune”, “When Death Calls”, “United We Fall”) I don’t know what Hypocrisy tries to do but it’s hard not to notice if you are heavy metal fan. Of course these are not renditions of the popular classical rock/heavy metal songs!

Highly recommended!