Hypocrisy – Worship


I think this year needed a new album from Hypocrisy. The versatile Peter Tägtgren always has interesting things to present and this was shown by the singles that came out as official videos and had all the lyrics of the songs, showing how much he wants the fans to focus on the lyrical part, since the songs that talk about aliens and science fiction are far fewer than those dealing with social issues, but interpreted from Tägtgren’s special point of view.

So, eight years after “End Of Disclosure” and after a great inactivity both in releases and concerts, the return of the band is amazing with an excellent melodic death metal album. It moves mostly on mid-tempo paths, with some very fast moments of course. Full of addictive riffs and melodies, the sturdy and substantial drumming of the mighty Horgh as well as Tägtgren’s vocals ranging from screams to classic death growls, depending on what suits each moment.

The ones I easily singled out are the incredible “Chemical Whore”, “Children Of The Gray” and “Gods Of The Underground”. Some of the best compositions they have written for years, with these signature melodies that are easily forced into your mind. Without doing anything different from the usual, Hypocrisy just writes quality music that worthily continues their great discography. It is not so easy after twelve full-length albums.

The production made by (who else?) Tägtgren is impeccable and has managed to give “Worship” a sound that is clean but not plastic and remains true to the history of the band. So, the fans of Hypocrisy may be complaining about their long absence from the music scene, but if it is to do such works, I personally do not have any problem at all. It entered easily the top releases of the year in my list.