I didn’t have the chance in the past to listen to I Miti Eterni and most specifically this studio effort by Bruno Masulli who handles all the instruments on this release. “Historia Cumae” was released a year ago by the Italian outfit and the title in English means “Eternal Myths” while lyrically speaking the albums addresses the subjects of history and mythology of Cumae, the first Greek colony of Southern Italy.

Upon listening to “Historia Cumae”, the listener takes a sonic trip through time and place and most specifically “visits’ Ancient Greece and the Ancient Roman Empire. The songs on the album are written in the Italian, Latin, English and Ancient Greek language. Masulli absolutely shines on the studio tracks as he revolves around the epic/power metal genre that will remind you of such bands as Rhapsody of Fire, Fairyland and at times Virgin Steele.

I sincerely believe that if “Historia Cumae” had a better production, then the final result would be sparkling and far better. The songs could have done with a far better presentation because their structure is definitely quite remarkable.

Highlight: In 2013, I Miti Eterni had released a demo CD comprised of two songs that were later found their way on “Historia Cumae”.