The American guitarist Iain Ashley Hersey has been around in the music circuit for more than a decade but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance up to now to listen to a sample of his three albums that he has delivered in between. So, when I got “Vintage Love” (a “best of” collection) for a review, it was the perfect excuse to make up for the lost time! And I am saying “the perfect excuse” because Hersey proved to be not only a remarkable musician but also a gifted songwriter that honors the legacy of such giants as Ritchie Blackmore and Eric Clapton.

The additional motive of this collection is that we get the chance to listen to some very important singers interpreting Hersey’s ideas. In the 15 songs, included in the collection, we are treated with the undeniable vocal talents of Graham Bonnet, Paul Shortino, Mike Stone, Doogie White (in an excellent rendition of “L.A. Connection”) and others.

I am confident that all the fans of classic rock and the blues-based sound should definitely listen to Iain Ashley Hersey. They won’t be disappointed!

Highlight: Hersey’s photo right beside the white Stratocaster -in the booklet of the album- reminds of one of the best guitarists that graced this earth but for the last 15 years decided to dwell into the folkloric musical tradition…