In a recent interview he gave to Joel Gausten, Lips from Anvil advised new bands to quit if they are seeking to make money out of music.  “Don’t ever expect to make money, because that’s not why you’re doing it,” Lips said. “If you expect to make money, quit now. Don’t bother. Find your money elsewhere until you can make your band big enough so you can make money, but don’t expect to make money from the band. Don’t put that weight on the band that they have to make money. If you do, you’re going to ruin your future. You have to find ways to finance your life and set your life up so that you can do music”. And for those that have Metallica as an example the Canadian signer/guitarist notes: “If you look at a band like Metallica, they spend $1 million putting on a show. Well, that’s all the money they might get paid for the show. Where are they making their money? Probably the t-shirts, and that’s precisely what the fuck it is. You don’t make money from royalties. There’s no more record sales; it’s almost gone. The only time music is worth anything is before you record it.”
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