On a recent interview on Noisey and Beats 1 Iggy Pop said that “Post Pop Depression”, an album where he collaborates with Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal), Dean Fertila (Queens Of The Stone Age, Dead Weather) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) might be his last ever. “To really make an album, you really have to put everything into it. The energy’s more limited now”, says Iggy. On the other hand, the rock legend didn’t rule out the possibility that his “gut instinct” could be wrong: “maybe (this album) it’ll open a door, but I wanted to make sure I come up with some goods at this point. I’ve got something I can bring, but it’s really about other people I can put together. I’m kind of a fan, too. I like to hang out; I like to be in bands; I like to hang around musicians”. “Post Pop Depression” is due for release on March 18th.