This is the first album for Ignite for ten years, since the band was inactive because of its members side projects and predominantly their frontman’s, Zoli Teglas, singing duties in Pennywise.

The social and political messages never left their DNA and are plenty on this album as well concerning the refugee crisis in Europe, war, environment pollution, as well family bonds and the battle against cancer. On the musical aspect, despite their 20 plus years on their back Ignite seem to be in top form. They might have slowed down a bit, comparing with their previous works, but their catchy Orange County hardcore punk shines on with emphasis on Zoli’s great vocals, infinite energy, while Cameron Webb’s production and mix give the album a big and modern sound, undoubtedly the best they had in their career.

Let’s hope that their activism and extracurricular artistic activities won’t take them away for another ten years, because their quality and experience is something music lacks nowadays.