In Flames – Foregone


When In Flames started releasing one single after the other as first samples from their upcoming record they made me feel an incredible joy but also a great worry. Joy because each of the tracks that came out clearly showed me that In Flames are finding their old good self again and that a new bright era for the band that finds them in terrible form is ahead. And worry because when the singles are so good and create so much fun, they make you think if the rest of the album will be like this, or if you will “stay” with only them. Foregone is the record that officially marks the return of In Flames who I loved until Sense Of Purpose and I’ve waited a hell of a long time for this moment. A record that sounds solid from start to finish and doesn’t leave you with a moment to take your attention away from it. What I have loved about the Swedish legends of melodic death metal is here in superlative degree and I want to believe that they will continue like this in the future. Unavoidably, there will be comparisons with Halo Effect and it makes sense since ever since Days Of The Lost came out, the world has been eagerly waiting for Flames’ “answer”. I will say that through healthy competition very beautiful and magical things can come out and thanks for the releases of both.