Ex-IN FLAMES guitarist Jesper Strömblad has slammed his former bandmates, saying that he is “happy” that he “left the sinking ship.”
Strömblad, who quit IN FLAMES in February 2010 in order to continue receiving treatment for his alcohol addiction, made his latest comments in response to a 2014 interview with IN FLAMES members Anders Fridén (vocals), Björn Gelotte (guitar). In the video interview, which was conducted by Germany’s Rock Hard magazine, Anders was asked what the songwriting process has been like for IN FLAMES now that there are only two main writers involved instead of three. Anders responded: “Both me and Björn complete each other really well these days. I know him, he knows me. And, yeah, it’s a slightly different process being two songwriters than three, but I think it makes it… Maybe before there was more compromises. Today there’s no compromises, ’cause [Björn has] gotta be happy and I’ve gotta be happy. Otherwise it’s not getting done. We both need to agree that this is the best song ever until we write the next ‘best song ever,’ so to speak, and then continue.
Earlier today (Tuesday, September 13), Jesper took to his personal Facebook page to post a link to the Rock Hard interview and to add the following comment: “Anders says as it is breaking news. He [has] never been a songwriter. Trying to ‘sing’ with a vocal producer doing his best to polish the turd. And most importantly, I had no impact on the songwriting whatsoever *crying*… Sorry guys, I just could be quiet for once. Just happy I left the sinking ship.