A really interesting release coming our way all the way from Hollywood. This is the sixth album by In This Moment and I must say that this could easily be an ideal seminar on how an up and coming band should function. Although, I was slightly unpleasantly surprised by the opening number “Oh Lord” as it reminded me of something in between a post grunge hybrid and a detuned Rammstein outtake, the rest of the bunch was really breathtaking!

The overall sound of the album is up to date with what a modern record should project to the potential listener and especially to the gothic/alternative metal fan while it almost goes without saying that Kevin Churko’s choice behind the mixing desk plays a significant role on the final result.

Rob Halford’s guest appearance on “Black Wedding” is surely an additional “appetizer” as his part is almost secondary, due to the fact that the song itself is absolutely brilliant! One of the greatest moments on the album is by far the rendition of Phil Collins’ classic “In The Air Tonight” the approach of which brought in mind what Disturbed did with “Sound Of Silence”.

All in all, I’d say that “Ritual” is a respectable and a highly identifiable effort and I truly believe that the band can really evolve in the years to come.