You have decided to take the Route 66 and cross America starting from Chicago and ending up in Los Angeles. You are packing up your clothes, you are preparing your luggage and gearing up for the trip of your life…no wait! One more thing: you have to take with you all your favorite c.d.s! And on a last minute note, you decide to include the virtually unknown album “Karmalion” by the Spanish outfit of Indicco. And guess what? You made the right choice!

Indicco should be really proud (let alone, lucky) of having as special guests on their debut album non other than Jimi Jamison, Mark Spiro and Tim Pierce. Additionally, their singer bears the formidable name Indigo “Yo Adrian, I Did It” Balboa and for that alone, we salute him! What kind of music do these guys play? Well, don’t expect a heavy dose of metalcore with Jimi Jamison behind the mic. This is a well-crafted sample of pure melodic rock specially aimed for long trips down the highway. Balboa is not ashamed at all to pay tribute to such legendary bands as Survivor and Journey and we could not but praise this debut album by Indicco. We only hope that more people will get to know and get motivated about Indicco…they surely deserve it.

Highlight: If “Feel So Good” had been written by Survivor in 1984, it would have been a huge hit.