Infanteria – Patriarch


There are bands in the music we listen to that don’t get recognition they deserve. They may never get it. The South African Infanteria is surely one of them. The band that started from playing Metallica covers, now counts 3 full length albums having acquired its own identity and succeeds in an impressive way to combine two completely different genres, thrash and progressive metal. In their 3rd album of their career, the amazing “Patriarch”, they raise the level even higher and generously offer us a release that can easily be considered among the best of the year. Riffs, breakdowns, melodies, solos and vocals all beautifully delivered by musicians who seem to have perfectly bonded together and blend with each other with their eyes closed. It’s really cool to take your influences and try to filter them in your own personal style without copying. I can say with great confidence that the three-member team does it perfectly and only time will prove it. Both thrash and prog fans deserve to give the record a chance and I’m absolutely convinced that they’ll love it from the first spin!