The British classic rock scene is still alive and kicking serious ass with Inglorious, a band that can and should be as the motherland’s biggest hope for the present and future. Carved from the same stones as Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Thunder here comes a brand new band with an explosive performer and amazing musicianship that will grab and rock the shit out of you!

Of course, no matter how good and skilful the band members are if you haven’t got strong enough material you’re going nowhere. Inglorious tick that box and pass the test in flying colours. The riffs, the melodies, the arrangements speak volumes of how great this band really is. Singer Nathan James sounds like Danny Bowes, Robert Plant and David Coverdale rolled in one, while on guitars we will find ex-Crazy Lixx axeman Andreas “Adde” Eriksson teaming up with Will Taylor. The album is like a cross of the best of British ‘70s rock with a generous dose of modern hard rock and a just a tad of blues. The material you get on “Inglorious” is quite diverse with fast paced hard rockers like “Breakaway”(the best song in the album if you want my opinion), “High Flying Gypsy”  the amazing bluesy “Holy Water” that picks up the pace mid-way through, the monster ballad clinic “Bleed For You”

Their debut album is definitely one of the most promising I’ve listened to the last years, and I know how bold this statement looks on your screen, but if you give them a listen I am sure you will agree and you won’t get enough of it… that’s right it is that good! Great job boys!
Yiannis Dolas

PS.: Every now and then the British press that looks desperately for the next big classic band coming from the continent tends to burn out bands like Inglorious with over exposure and raving reviews that create huge expectations, later to be forgotten and buried, either because of in-band problems or other reasons. This happened quite recently with the Darkness and the Answer. I really hope that Inglorious have a better luck and live up to my high expectations.