Inglorious – We Will Ride


This is the fourth album for the up and coming British group which finds the inspiration and push it lacked on the previous two in young new guitarist, Danny Dela Cruz.

The basic stuff remains the same. Nathan James is a weapon, one of the best voices we’ve heard in rock for ages. British blues rock references are here too. What changes though and takes the album and the band to a whole new level is the amazing guitar work. They are heavier, catchier, sharper and smarter. Their origin reminds of the early ‘80s and more specifically Dio, Def Leppard and maybe Scorpions. And that’s the biggest irony since Danny wasn’t even born yet, but still his influences can be traced back then – thank God! The riffs he and fellow axeman Dan Stevens wrote and blast from their fretboards are bulky and powerful and at some points go beyond the recipe the band was following until now, true to brit hard rocking blues.

Also, I found that the arrangements are more brave and more modern showing a new face on the band’s identity – it didn’t put me off that “God Of War” brings in mind Michael Jackson’s “Give In To Me”. Inglorious are refreshed, actually James and drummer Phil Beaver are the only ones from the beginning, enhancing the “revivalist” tag with enviable freshness.

Great tunes: “My Misery”, “Messiah”, “Cruel Intentions”