Inmost Ego – …To The End

The band from Athens, Greece, was founded back in 2005; in 2012 they released their debut, following a Demo and a Promo EP. Featuring female vox, darkened motifs and tons of passion, this specific (to the) end is approaching to put a stop to all those of us thinking “Hmm… another female fronted group”…  

When the first track entered I was in a bit of a puzzle myself… Is this a girl singing or a guy? Could it be a joint forces vocal thing? This girl can be in two places at once; she can be melodic yet she can also be a noise monster! She can sing and, at the same time, she can bolster all the roughness in the world. As you can understand, we already have a quite interesting parameter to our story, which is assisted by black melodies, massive guitar gear and frenzy keyboard playing. Title track can drive you bananas, based on its theme craziness and berserk playing. It’s like Paradise Lost galloping along with the band’s personal ID… Lost are just one of their influences, however, the key issue here is that this band is doing their own stuff, they like what they do and they make sure we are liking as well. Which we are!

“Nightflower” is kicking off as a ballad; storm is about to burst out a lil’ later. Flooring it, then flooring it some more, pessimism and savage ways. The song is ending the very way it began, mildly. “Cold” is the song I would gladly vote as the album’s single or video, along with the title track – naturally! It’s one heck of a catchy song, featuring a powerful verse and a beautiful bridge. The chorus though… that’s the peak of the whole composition and one of the best moments of the album in general.

Dion Christodoulatos is the one to blame for the handling procedure (production, mixing & mastering) and he’s managed, once again, to put his soul into it, it’s like listening to a live recording at sight! Best of luck to the band and… well, we wanna see you live now, so do something about it, k?