Iron Maiden became the 5th band featured on stamps in Britain


Royal Mail honors Iron Maiden by issuing 12 collector’s stamps with photos of the band and Eddie.

Maiden became just the fifth band after The Beatles in 2007, Pink Floyd in 2016, Queen in 2020 and The Rolling Stones in 2022 to appear on a British postage stamp. The photos that adorn the eight stamps come from various concerts from May 1983 and the World Piece tour, to August 2018 and Legacy Of The Beast tour.

The other four feature Eddie from various album covers and singles.

Steve Harris commented: “We were all absolutely astounded – in a good way! When we heard first about the commemorative project, and equally pretty much speechless when we saw the stamps for the very first time. They look superb and I think they really capture the essence and energy of Maiden. We’re all very proud that Royal Mail has chosen to honour the band’s legacy like this, and we know our fans will feel the same way.”

You can pre-order the collection of the 12 stamps for 17.70 pounds, which is approximately 20 euros.

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