Iron Maiden – Nights Of The Dead: Legacy Of The Beast Live in Mexico


I am sure that most of you (if not, all of you) still remember vividly the unbelievable Maiden show that we experienced a couple of years ago here in Greece in the frame of the band’s majestic “Legacy Of The Beast Tour”. As a matter of fact, it was such an impressive concert that it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Maiden decided to release that concert as an official live package. Wishful thinking, I guess. So, instead of a brand new studio album that all things indicate that it’s ready and due to the inactivity that was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Maiden unleashes “Nights Of The Dead” which captures the show in Mexico City and works really as a souvenir of the “Legacy Of The Beast Tour”.

But this is only a CD/vinyl release and I am sure that everybody would have preferred an accompanying DVD/Blu-Ray as this was by far the most impressive tour that Maiden has ever embarked on. In addition, this live album suffers from a mediocre production/engineering work and you don’t have to be an accomplished producer in order to realize that Bruce Dickinson sounds rather tired on this specific night. It’s not like he is below par but we have heard/seen him perfectly immensely better during that tour.

Naturally, you are all aware of the excellent set list which is by far the best of them all (right beside the one of the Ed Hunter Tour) and that’s good enough –at least, from my perspective- in order to invest your hard earned money on this one. After all, “Nights Of The Dead” is aimed towards the ever loyal Maiden fan base. Don’t forget that Maiden was never shy when it came to live albums but at the same time I am quite certain that “Nights Of The Dead” is not ranked among their Top-3 ones…not even the Top-5 ones. Nevertheless…Up The Irons!

Highlight: In a way, “Nights Of The Dead” reminded me of the raw live aesthetic of “Live At Donington 1992”.