The story comes from Sleaze Roxx website: Former Great White and current Jack Russell’s Great White frontman Jack Russell was recently interviewed by the Hair Metal Music‘s Facebook page and the singer talked about some of the upcoming albums that his band has in store for the future.
When Russell was asked whether some of his band’s shows while touring with BulletBoys and Enuff Z’nuff earlier this year were recorded, the singer replied: “We have a lot of things in the works including another live Led Zeppelin album. Yes we recorded some of the shows for a future release. I’m not sure when release dates are as we have so many things in the lineup to be released.”. In terms of what is coming up, Russell indicated (with slight edits): We have a new album coming out it’s called Once Bitten Acoustical Bytes. It’s the Once Bitten album recorded entirely unplugged and a bonus track of Led Zeppelin‘s “Babe I’m Going To Leave You.” It’s [an] incredible record. I’m very proud of it.”