Jack Whites’ record company Third Man Records released a few days ago a double compilation CD of Greek traditional music featuring rare and previously unreleased recordings. Grammy awarded produced Christopher King worked on the project of the album which is titled “Why The Mountains Are Black – Primeval Greek Village Music: 1907 – 1960” talked to news247.gr: “for the last six years I’ve been into Greek traditional music and especially “ipirotika” (coming from Epirus region of Greece). It all started when I went to Instanbul on one of my journeys and discovered tons of ipirotika 78rpm records stacked with Albanian folk music from the southern parts of the country. Among those records there was a vinyl of Kitsos Charisiadis, the “godfather” of the Epirus traditional music, the “godfather” of the Greek clarinet. I bought those albums and brought them back to the US with me. From the first moment I started listening I was hypnotized, I was in a trance… the songs grabbed me at once. I was thrilled by this music in a spiritual way that brought me joy and sorrow. It made me want to know more about the genre and understand why they wrote those songs this way. I wanted to purchase as much traditional music as possible. I got obsessed by this music because it was so influential for me”. Read more and listen to samples of the album at news247.gr