QUEENSRŸCHE bassist Eddie Jackson says that fans “might see a little solo project” from him in the near future.
A founding member of QUEENSRŸCHE, Jackson has never collaborated with other musicians or released any solo music during his three and a half decades as a member of the legendary Seattle-based progressive metal outfit.
Speaking to “The Unchained Rock Show” at this past weekend’s Bloodstock Open Air festival in the United Kingdom, Jackson said that a non-QUEENSRŸCHE recording from him may materialize at some point down the line.
“I continue to write on a daily basis, whenever possible,” he said (hear audio below). “I’ve always wanted to do some sort of a side project of my own. But it’s always been a work in progress, because the priority is QUEENSRŸCHE, and that absorbs a lot of our time. But you never know — you might see a little solo project in the near future, but that still remains to be seen. [When we are not touring] I spend time with family, [and] I do continue to write, but you never know. I might surprise the guys with a little side project. Who knows? … It’s something that some of the guys in the band have been doing, and I’ve always thought about it. But it seems to me, you get so busy with business and family, and sometimes you get caught up with all that, and you focus on that as a priority. But, like I said, you never know. It’d be fun to put together something as a side project.”