According to The Guardian Eagles Of Death Metal frontman, Jesse Hughes, was not welcome at the Bataclan reopening show in Paris last night, November 12th, and he wasn’t permitted entry into the club. Jules Frutos, the manager of the theater said Hughes and his manager were turned away at the door. Frutos told the Press Association: “They tried to enter the venue and they are persona non grata. They are not welcome after what he said about the security.”
Frutos said of Hughes: “Even if he came back on what he said. I mean, this man is just sick. That’s all.” He said the band used what happened at the Bataclan to get “promotion”, asking: “Who did know about this band before?”
Frutos said the band’s attitude showed “no respect for the victims”, adding that the singer and his manager did not have tickets for Sting’s concert. The band’s management said Hughes was in Paris with family, friends and fans to commemorate the “tragic loss of life that happened right in front of his eyes during his show”.
Marc Pollack, of The MGMT Company, accused Frutos of “tainting a wonderful opportunity that could’ve been used to spread peace and love”.
“Jesse never even tried entering the club for Sting’s show tonight,” he told US magazine Billboard.