Jim Peterik & World Stage – Tigress, Women Who Rock The World


The unlimited respect and appreciation of Jim Peterik’s legacy is not only undisputed but I have expressed my eternal gratitude through this (Rock)pages numerous times in the past. From my perspective, Peterik is a living legend thus I can only expect nothing but the best from him. After all, he’s Mr. “Eye of the Tiger”, right?

This time around, Peterik decided to go with a full album recorded exclusively with female vocalists. The first sample of “Tigress” was really encouraging as “Prom Night In Pontiac” was well-crafted although it reminded more of Shania Twain’s style and the pseudo-country genre. The second single (“A Cappella”) sung by Chez Kane was another hit on target and we were eagerly awaiting for the whole album. Things only got better with the opening title track and…well, there is no “and” really. With the exception of those three cuts, the other songs really suffered of mediocre songwriting quality (something I didn’t ever expect to say about Peterik). You see the overall duration (72 minutes) is unnecessarily long and the number of songs (16) gets you tired after a while. Also, the female vocals might be fitting but on the other hand there’s nothing that exciting.

All in all, Peterik is capable for much bigger and qualitative things. Recently he has given the melodic rock world the stellar albums by Pride of Lions, Dennis DeYoung and the previous World Stage.

Highlight: Those abominable, computerized cover sleeves by Frontiers…