Jinjer – Alive In Melbourne


The truth is that I don’t really see the pοint in live releases the last years since most of us are used to attend numerous concerts (let aside the countless live videos from every band on youtube etc). But 2020 is a different year, in most countries it’s been a huge gap since the last live concerts (and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel yet) while the bands try to find a way to keep in touch with their fans, some of them choose alternatives like live streaming or they focus on new studio releases.

Jinjer choose to release a live album so this is their return one year after the release of the great “Macro” album. “Alive In Melbourne” was recorded in March 2020, just a few days before global lockdown started to take place all over the world and led to the cancellation of concerts (which means the band couldn’t tour long enough for the promotion of “Macro” so only a few of their fans could enjoy it on stage, so yes, worth to have this live album now).

So, they manage to carry us to all the great things they achieve on stage. I’m talking about achievements because it’s easier to do things in studio where you have all the time of the world but the real deal is the live stage when the band confirm their class as musicians because they play with ease their complicated music. But the thing here is not just their technique because the Ukrainians have good compositions too, compositions that grab their fans giving them freely the groove of their music. The fans seem to have great time in a packed venue (on a sold out night) and I really like it that we can hear through out the album the people scream and such (like in the old live albums). Fans enjoy the tracks from “Macro” (6 out 15 on the setlist) but also those from the previous albums (“Pisces” still is their most popular song, not a surprise they kept it for the encore with people actively participating).

We’ve seen Jinjer opening for Arch Enemy in Athens (September 2017) but this is the real deal, the full pack of a headline show where they offer their music madness they carry because –for those who are not familiar with them- their music combines different genres, from djent and metalcore to funk and jazz (and of course that lovely reggae tune on “Judgement & Punishment” or at “Home Back”). Vlad Ulasevich is incredibly steady drummer, the bass of Abdiukhanov is a joy (especially during some breaks) while Roman Ibramkhalikov impresses on guitar (the last years he covers lead and rhythm on his own). Last but not least the remarkable performance of Tatiana that have become a great frontwoman. It’s really amazing that the same person moves from growls to clean vocals so quickly while she jumps around or just dancing to the rhythm. Not really much left to add, Napalm Records has they full show on YouTube where you can see with your own eyes the show or check the band’s channel where they have many different tracks.