Jinjer is an upcoming and very promising band from Ukraine which literally triumphs in Europe where they have been touring nonstop the last decade. So the current tour for the promotion of their new album “Cloud Factory” stopped by Greece, Thessaloniki.


On Thursday night, just before Jinjer’s performance and in the presence of one hundred fans, Shadeless Emperor an extreme metal band made a half hour appearance. I was really impressed not only by their songs but also by their whole set up. On the contrary, I can’t say the same thing about End Cycle who followed.


The Ukrainians were a juggernaut! A very dynamic appearance and an excellent performing! Tatyana Booya was responsible for all that. She turned the audience upside down by climbing up and down a wheel which she has in front of her at all her concerts and she didn’t stop for one moment attacking everyone. Her vocals had unbelievable changes…from clear to brutal and the other way round. The other five members of the band were exceptional during their whole performance (almost an hour) and their contact with the audience reminded that of big bands. That was perfectly clear after the end of the show from the reactions of the audience.

Dimitris Kazantzis

Setlist: No Hoard Of Value, Cloud Factory, Exposed As A Liar, Outlander, Until The End, When Two Empires Collide, Hypocrites And Critics, A Plus Or A Minus, Желаю значит получу, Scissors, Who’s Gonna Be The One