Jinjer officially announced their new drummer, Vladislav Ulasevich, who is replacing Dmitry Kim who left. “Friends! As many might have noticed, Jinjer have a new member, so it’s time for the official announcement. Dmitriy Kim, the drummer, left JINJER, we appreciate him for almost two years of our fruitful collaboration and wish him the best in all his upcoming start-ups. The drummer position is taken by our old friend and comrade, one of the best metal drummers in Ukraine, a real master of his instrument, TAMA-artist – Владислав Уласевич (Vladislav Ulasevich), known as a member of Zlam band, and as an ex-drummer of MegamasS. We have already played several festivals and driven first 10 000 km togethere, and it is necessary to admit that Vladislav is right at his place with us, it is hard to imagine a better drummer or comrade in our crew.  Welcome to Vladislav and JINJER for all m/”, this was the band’s announcement on Facebook.