Joe Elliott

In a recent interview with ExpressUK, Joe Elliott, called the VH1 produced movie “Hysteria: The Def Leppard story”, terrible.

The interviewer said that he would watch the movie and Elliott replied: “Oh man don’t. Do yourself a big favor and don’t. The only contribution we made to that movie was giving them permission to shoot it in the first place.

“And I script doctored the final draft… but it turned out to not be the final draft for obvious reasons. They were so gung ho with trying to cram so much in, that they wanted to put Phil in the band when the High ’n’ Dry tour was on.”

“He didn’t even join the band until the Pyromania album was halfway made. You can’t do that! We will be slaughtered by our fans if you put Phil in the band in 1981 – that’s bending history. So we kinda washed our hands of it.”

The movie had some success at the time being watched by 8 million people at premiere and then 5 million again at midnight.

“It did us a bit of a favor at the turn of the century. Didn’t do any harm selling back catalogue and tickets. But it’s far removed from the success and the accuracy of Bohemian Rhapsody or the fun of the Elton John one.”

Talking about a possible new Def Leppard biopic, he said:

“’No’, is the answer to, ‘Are we going to do one?’, because as far as I’m aware nobody’s asking to do it and I’m not convinced there’s a market for that kind of thing. I don’t think that we have the same iconic status as an Elton or a Queen. So it would be small fry in comparison. It’s not anything I’m craving to see or do to be quite honest.”