According to what he said in an interview with Ginza, Joe Lynn Turner revealed that he is currently working together with Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) for his next album! “I actually did a show for Peter’s brother’s birthday once; his brother’s a big fan,” And the next thing you know, we were hooking up. He sent me a track, and I wrote lyrics and melodies, and he came back and he loved it, and we started to do a record. So, now we’re about seven tracks into the record. Our schedules are pretty tough, with touring and all, but we’re getting together the beginning of October to finish the record”. The natural question that comes up is how is an album of Joe Lynn Turner and Peter Tagtgren is going to sound like: “I think people are gonna be extremely surprised, because it’s a whole another side of me. [It’s] very heavy. It’s kind of classic rock meets industrial metal — or, as I would say, it’s kind of like Deep Purple meets Pain. It’s the best of both worlds, and it doesn’t sound like anyone… There’s no filler; it’s all great songs. Deep content — none of this ‘rock me, baby’ stuff. It’s really deep, dark and heavy stuff.” According to Joe, there are “absolutely” plans for him and the Pain and Hypocrisy leader to tour in support of the upcoming disc.