Joe Lynn Turner: which bands he rejected before joining Deep Purple


In a recent interview on Glam Metalcast, Joe Lynn Turner revealed which bands he rejected in order to join Deep Purple in 1989.

“I had two other phonecalls,” says Turner. “One was from Foreigner, and one was from Bad Company – before they got Brian Howe. This was all in the same month. I was on top of my game at that point. So, the thing with Foreigner didn’t work out because I went and rehearsed with those guys and Lou (Gramm) heard about it and went, ‘I’m coming back.’ So, they worked things out.”

“Make a long story shorter, or longer, Bad Co. – Rick Wills, the bass player from Foreigner had said, ‘Yeah, Bad Co.’s interested.’ So, I talked to the road manager, and I told them I just got an offer from Deep Purple, and they’re my favorite childhood band… I was over the moon about it really. And I’m very happy I made that choice.”