Joe Stump’s Tower Of Babel


PRESS RELEASE: The band announced new activities earlier this year and is currently in the studio recording their second album. Joe Stump´s Tower of Babel lifted the dark clouds after the pandemic and returns with a new album in progress to its successor “Lake of Fire”, which had been released in 2017.

In 2021 the band announced their new singer Jo Amore (Nightmare/Kingcrown) and celebrated their first concert after three years at the “Mennecy Metal Fest 2022” in France.

Jo Stump stated: “It was not easy to find the right vocalist and to be honest, we were very fortunate this time. We were of course looking for the tone that matches our music, which is, as you all know a classic rock mixture with strong Rainbow, Dio, etc. elements. That being said, it´s now full speed ahead!”

Drummer Mark Cross adds: “It´s been a rough time for every musician being absent from the scene and live playing for so long. Nevertheless, we are back and have been working on this album for quite some time now and still do. I guess the pandemic slowed us all down a bit and are looking forward to the future and a release with new music.”