Former Misfits drummer Joey Image has died at the age of 63, according to The New York Hardcore Chronicles.

The cause of death was liver cancer, which he had been suffering from for four years.
Joey was a member of the Misfits from 1978-1980 and recorded with them the EP’s “Horror Buisness” and “Beware” and the single “Night Of The Living Dead”. In 2000 he appeared for the last time with the band.

“They see me playing, and they’re like, ‘Hey, you think you maybe wanna join our band?'” he recalled. “So I took their tape and learned it, and two weeks later I was playing (Max’s Kansas City, the legendary New York punk club). I was in the band. That’s how quick it all happened. I was just in the right spot, basically. Plus, I did kick ass.”

However, his character came into conflict with the leading figures of Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, so when Misfits flew to England for a tour with The Damned, the drummer was fired after two concerts, while the legend says that they left him at the hotel where while at the same time facing a problem of abuse.