John Bush has once again admitted that he is “open” to the idea of embarking on a special tour during which he would perform material from his time as the singer of ANTHRAX.
During a recent appearance on the “Mars Attacks” podcast, Bush was asked if he would be open to the idea of going out and playing some of Bush-era ANTHRAX songs live again, with with a new band or with some of his former bandmates in ANTHRAX. He responded: “It’s not like I would go out and do a long tour playing these songs, because I haven’t wanted to do anything like that with ARMORED SAINT. I haven’t wanted to go out on any long tours, really — that’s the starting point, I’ll say that — and I feel the same. If [the tour offers] come up and it’s the right scenario, then I will embrace it. I think it could be time to do that. I don’t know what yet, but I’m open to it, because the timing seems like it’s right. Next year is twenty-five years since [ANTHRAX’s 1993 album] ‘Sound Of White Noise’ came out, so I guess you can connect some kind of an anniversary to it.”
He continued: “I’m 53, I’ll be 54 in a couple of months. I feel great vocally, I feel great physically, but I’m also honest about my age. I’m not 25. When I did all those ANTHRAX records, I was in my early 30s, late 20s, and those songs are demanding. So I don’t wanna say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that in five years when I’m 60.’ [Laughs] So the timing… It could be now. But it has to be right, it has to feel right, it has to be the right scenario. And it would probably just be me. Not me acoustically going out there and [playing those songs by myself].”