John Corabi – Unplugged


I am sure everybody remembers the trend with the unplugged albums back in the early and mid 90s. Despite the fact that this kind of records are kinda scarce nowadays, there are some artists that don’t and should not pay attention to what’s going on in the ephemeral world of trendy music. John Corabi is definitely one of them. Outstanding musician, charismatic voice, excellent rhythm guitarist and…someone that definitely deserved more in regards with the commercial aspect of the music business. Without a single doubt, Corabi’s brief stint in the Crue camp helped the recording of what I personally believe is the best studio offering that the band gave since the “Dr. Feelgood” days (up to this point, I mean…).Unfortunately, the music industry thought differently but Corabi found the strength to carry on and deliver some more great albums (with Union’s debut record being arguably his finest one).

This acoustic release presents 5 brand new songs along with selective tracks from Corabi’s entire career. Most definitely the renditions of “Hooligan’s Holiday” and “Loveshine” (from the 1994 Crue record) and “Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)” along with “Everything’s Alright” from the Union days are the stand out moments. The new songs revolve around the same mood with an acoustic guitar and some fitting percussion work…maybe, we could have enjoyed some more instruments in there but in an almost paradoxical way this stripped down production creates a perfect atmosphere.

John Corabi’s unplugged album is surely a…night album! An album that Rod Stewart would describe as a “night in” bunch of songs.

Highlight: Bruce Kulick guests on two songs but not on the Union tracks.