John Sykes is about to release his first album in 19 years, which he says is going to be good. “It’s kind of got flavors of old and new. But I think it’ll be pleasing to a lot of people to hear it. I think it’ll touch a fair few people if they check it out. It’s a good, solid album — it’s not just a couple of tracks and a load of fillers”, he said on an interview with Reality Check TV. The album will be released probably early in the summer. Also, he referred to Phil Lynott: “It was a real true honor and privilege to be picked by Phil Lynott to play in Thin Lizzy,” John said. “Phil is a legend, and just the fact that he picked me, as a young kid, to play guitar in that band. He could have got anybody. He was a big hero of mine before I met him,” John said. “Just getting to be around him and working in the studio with him and watching him and the way he worked was a real thrill for me. I really loved the guy. I lived at his house with him for quite some time and spent a lot of time with Phil. We hung out a lot. He was a mentor for me and he looked out for me and we had a lot of great times together. He’ll always be in my heart.”