On the night of Thursday, September 30, Jon Olive was arrested by the Florida traffic police while driving under the influence of drugs, while a quantity of cocaine was found in his possession.

In his report, the responding officer wrote: “When I arrived on scene the driver of the vehicle was out and away from his pickup truck being checked by EMS. I observed a pickup truck with severe damage to the front right of the vehicle. The passenger side door had been ripped off the collision with the tree that the vehicle had struck. Mr. Oliva was the driver of the vehicle. On scene Mr. Oliva fainted and hit the ground while EMS was checking on him. Due to this reason Mr. Oliva was flown off the scene and taken to [the hospital].

“On scene I Conducted an inventory of the vehicle,” the officer continued. “In the vehicle I located two empty bottles of vodka. I also found a small clear bag with an unknown white substance. The unknown substance would be field tested and would show a positive hit for cocaine. The clear plastic bag with the unknown white substance was located right on the floor outside the driver’s side door. I then spoke to a witness via telephone. The first witness I spoke with told me that he was driving northbound on U.S. Hwy 41 (opposite way of Mr. Oliva) and watched as the vehicle drove into his lane and then off the roadway and heard a loud bang. [The witness] told me he then turned his car around and went to check on the driver of the vehicle. [He] witnessed Mr. Oliva at the driver’s wheel. I then spoke to another witness who lives directly across the street from where the accident happened. [The second witness] told me he was working outside when he heard the accident happen right across the street. [The second witness] told me he went over to where the crash happened and watched as the vehicle was smoking and the driver was in the driver’s seat. [The second witness] told me that he tried to get the driver of the vehicle away from the vehicle due to it smoking. [The second witness] told me that there was another empty bottle of vodka in the driver’s side door that he told the driver to throw away because it doesn’t look good. [The second witness] told me that the driver was frantically looking his phone.

“At this time, I went to the hospital to speak with Mr. Oliva,” the officer added in his report. “At approximately 9:46 PM I advised Mr. Oliva that I had finished my crash investigation and would be conducting a criminal investigation for Driving under the influence. Miranda warnings were read at this time. Mr. Oliva told me he understands what his rights are and that he is ok with speaking with me. I asked Mr. Oliva if he was the driver of the vehicle during the accident. Mr. Oliva told me he was the driver. I asked Mr. Oliva if anyone else was in the vehicle. Mr. Oliva stated he was the only occupant of the vehicle. I asked Mr. Oliva if he had taken or drank anything after the crash occurred. Mr. Oliva stated he did not take anything after the crash happened. I asked Mr. Oliva if he had any medical conditions. Mr. Oliva stated he has high blood pressure and diabetes. Nurses on staff advised me that he was perfectly fine in regard to his blood sugar and blood pressure levels. I asked Mr. Oliva if he had been drinking today. Mr. Oliva stated he did have a couple orange juice and vodkas. I then told Mr. Oliva that I found a bag of white powder substance that tested positive for cocaine. Mr. Oliva then stated, ‘someone gave me that for my birthday.’ I asked Mr. Oliva if he uses cocaine and he stated, ‘I dabble around with it.’ Mr. Oliva stated to numerous nurses at hospital that the cocaine was his. The nurses at hospital listened as Mr. Oliva yelled at his wife on the phone about the cocaine being in his car. I then asked Mr. Oliva if he would be willing to sign a form that would allow me to have access to his medical blood records to see his blood alcohol content. I told Mr. Oliva that this is 100% voluntary. Mr. Oliva told me that he had no problem with signing over his medical records. Mr. Oliva had a blood alcohol content of .138 G/210L.

“Mr. Oliva would end up being admitted into the hospital due to his injuries. Mr. Oliva was placed under arrest at approximately 12:13 PM on 09/30/2021.

“Mr. Olivas property was searched. I found another clear plastic bag containing residue of a white substance. The bag with the residue was in a pack of cigarettes in Mr. Olivas bag. Mr. Oliva had his wallet and personal belongings in the bag. Mr. Oliva told me that the bag was his that contained the clear bag with a white substance.”