Jon Schaffer releases his first book – Wicked Words and Epic Tales


Jon Schaffer is known as the founder, chief song writer, and guitar player of Iced Earth, the heavy metal band he founded in 1988. Not just resting on his laurels, Schaffer conceived 3 more bands that have also received serious acclaim, Demons & Wizards, Sons of Liberty, and Purgatory. 

Wicked Words & Epic Tales is a collection of his lyrics, and a variety of the artwork that they inspired. Schaffer is the author of numerous heavy metal anthems such as Watching Over Me, Melancholy (Holy Martyr), Dante’s Inferno, the Something Wicked trilogy, Damien, Travel in Stygian, A Question of Heaven, Gettysburg (1863), Raven Wing, Timeless Spirit, Spirit of the Times, and so many others. This volume is a celebration of his works over 30 years of songwriting.

Included in this deluxe hardback edition is a totally new concept in audio, on CD format, that Schaffer has dubbed “A Narrative Soundscape.” All of the output penned solely by Schaffer is represented in this fantastic visual display of a long and storied career.

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