Personally, I am totally against with all those labels that have been put to heavy metal (black, thrash, doom, death, dark, symphonic, nu, atmospheric, and so on…)
What counts for me is that I’ve got an album from the Greek band Jullian’s Lullaby that is heavy metal, and that’s all!
The band is consisted by six members, two of which (Margina and Efthimia) are the lead female vocalists that are combined quite successfully on the album’s songs. The violin plays a big part in Jullian’s Lullaby music, as well as the acoustic guitar. It’s not just fillers, so that you’d list their music as “atmospheric”, or “symphonic”, but the main ingredient of diversity from the stuff that usually come to our ears. Their compositions are literally based on every instrument and the arrangements are amazing.
The cd contains 11 songs (ten including the bonus track) with “Kiss Me Not (Tonight)”, “Would It Be?”, “Turn Me To Dust”, “Just For That Day”, and “Ocean Of Tears”.
For more information go to the band’s official homepage: