London, early 2008… One more band in the making, another bunch of peeps turning influences into music. Progressive, straight Rock, Metal elements, some Alternative, music which can be electric and furious and then again acoustic and heavenly, Pearl Jam blasts, System Of A Down shots, King’s X karate hits, fusion and funk… The band also features a tabla player (Middle East musical drum-sounding instrument)! Yeah, I know… Some of you might be wondering about the input… Well, music is just one, all instruments fit… Right?  
“Proem” kicks off with a splendid tabla theme, along with an acoustic music carpet, pleasing our ears and our very emotions.
The album has been released at the end of 2010; the band has created Majestic Elder Recordings to support the release. Then some distribution deals flourished and the album is now available in more and more countries.  
This is an unbelievably lyrical garden, a jewel made of melodies, a manifest of those who dear dreaming. You are welcome to listen and then listen some more… It is certain that you will feel it… and then feel it again.