Kai Hansen has announced that his next work will be as a solo artist, titles “XXX – Three Decades In Metal” will be out in August through earMusic. “XXX” is a magical journey. It is the story of how powerful dreams can be. Dreams and passions big enough to bring a teenager from Hamburg who is in love with rock music, glam rock and the first heavy metal sounds from the practicing space in his bedroom and rehearsal rooms to the biggest stages in the world practicing, and ending up influencing and sharing the stage with the very same bands he admired in the first place. Not strictly autobiographical, “XXX” is without doubt the story of Kai Hansen but it could very well represent the story of anybody who is not afraid to believe in dreams, with passion and dedication. It is the story of the ups and downs that everybody faces at some point during the journey of life: the lost-and-found-again friends, the glory, the tragedies and the joys.

Kai will be joined by a stellar band: Alex Dietz (guitar player of Heaven Shall Burn) on bass, Eike Freese on guitar and Daniel Wilding (CARCASS) on drums, but there will be more guests contributing, both friends and followers, as well as idols of the creator. Plus, the band will be playing the album live on this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival, while according to Hansen his advance payment by his record company will be donated to Wacken Foundation which helps young hard rock and metal bands for seven years now.