Kaipa – Sattyg


This is the twelfth album for the Swedes who are completing forty years of presence in discography this year. “Hard” progressive folk rock which appeals only to those who are totally devoted to this kind of music. Kaipa is a group of very good musicians but, I believe that “Sattyg” is a release  which lacks of substance in the meaning that it has nothing special or nothing new to show. Ιt’s nothing more than a display of technique which we have seen and heard from many bands of this kind. The songs are of long duration, you get lost in the technical inspirations of the creators and generally (forgive me but I can only speak in general about something like that) it’s a work that is destined only to prog rock devotees. The rest will get tired of hard to swallow themes, repetitions of particular techniques in guitars and keyboards mainly, in totally pretentious progressive rock music. The fans of this kind will get excited though. Personally I was only impressed by the wonderful cover of the CD.