It was about time for the Canadians to release another album. Only 2 years after their latest release, but this is what they like to do 20 years now. It was back in 1995 when they introduced themselves to us and here they are again with their 12th full-length.

There is no much to say about the quality of their music, it is known already. Everything that we like about them is here again. Heavy riffs, groove, some melodies that stick in your head as soon as you hear them and of course…the songwriting. They know how to make songs with excellent structure that don’t require to hear them more than 2-3 times to be your new favorites.

Songs like “The Black Sheep”, “They Serpent’s Tongue”, “Vindication”, “Soul Destroyer” and “Shattered” are the album’s finest with the rest of them being also very good. Also, “The World Is A Dying Insect” is perfect for the last song, although a bit different and atmospheric for them.

Finally, we have to mention a very interesting way that they chose to promote the release of this album by shooting videos for all its songs. From 22nd until the 31st of July (the official release date) they uploaded one video per day. On the last day you could relax on your PC and…watch all the album song by song. I hope that this will work for them in the best possible way.

Bonus: The digipak version contains live the songs “Fire”, “Push The Venom”, “Elevate” and “Blood In Heaven”.