Kee Marcello – Redux:Europe


Let’s start with the basics: Kee Marcello is none other than the guitarist who replaced Europe’s John Norum in 1986, contributing in “Out of this World” and “Prisoners in Paradise”. From 1995 on, though, his solo career as a composer, a guitarist and a singer has been the center of his focus.

Even though “Redux: Europe” has been released since November 2011, so far only Swedish fans had the chance to listen to! It was globally released in January 2012 and I instantly got a copy, wondering how his covers on some of the most powerful Europe songs would turn out to be!

On his third solo attempt, Kee Marcello attempts to blend his own personality within Europe’s tracks. Unfortunately -in my ears as a fan of Europe’s anthems- he totally fails to meet the demands, since certain favorite and well-known hits such as “Superstitious”, “The Final Countdown”, “Carrie” or “Rock the Night” are being slaughtered here! An exception would be Marcello’s version of “Girl from Lebanon”, that succeeds to a degree in offering the same strong sensation the original does.

I was impressed by the song “Redux: Europe” whose sound is relatively close to Europe’s latest album “Last Look at Eden”; which in my taste was a hard rock punch in the face. The track’s sound is not far from Gotthard’s style either.
Also worth a reference is “Hammer’s Heart”, a song dedicated in Gary Moore’s memory! Guest appearances could not be absent, with Hanna Marcello performing “Mind in the Gutter”, a song that I felt suits her vocals.

In general, the album left me with mixed feelings. But I believe that mainly Europe fans will find certain very interesting moments in it.