Keith Moon’s last 24 hours


AXS TV will broadcast a documentary about the Who’s legendary drummer, Keith Moon.

The channels released the following press release: “Keith Moon was known equally as being a revolutionary drummer and for being a bit of a party animal. On his last night alive, Moon headed to a star-studded party, hosted by his friend, Paul McCartney. Surround by temptation, he made an uncharacteristically early departure from the party, returning home where he took several handfuls of Hemineverin and fell asleep. Waking up early and disorientated Moon pops more pills and falls asleep again, but this time he didn’t wake again”. The film will be broadcasted on Wednesday, September 3rd at 9/8c.

On the movie you can see Alice Cooper, his girlfriend at the time Annette Walter – Lax, his daughter Amanda de Wolf, his friend Roy Carr, the Who’s tour manager John Wolff, his personal assistant Peter “Dougal” Butler, Kenney Jones (The Faces drummer, and Moon’s replacement in the Who after his death), writer Tony Fletcher (who wrote the amazing book about Keith, “Dear Boy”), writer Richard Barnes and famous groupie Pamela Des Barres.

Note that on the trailer that you can watch below some of the phrases you can hear about him are: “he was like a time bomb, you didn’t know when it was going off”, “his life was like a party”…