Kerry King rocked the boat with an interview he gave to RVAMag when talking about the crisis in rock and metal, as well as the nostalgia, threw the blame partially to Maiden and Metallica. I would say Maiden and Metallica, no offense, are living on past success. Metallica has toured forever on the ‘black’ record which a lot of people don’t like. I actually like it. It’s heavy as can be. Is it ‘Master Of Puppets’? Of course not, but it’s a great record. IRON MAIDEN, for me, is living off their first three records. Have they made good songs since then? Yeah, but they haven’t made great records. I like to think we’re still making great records and as much as people come out wanting to hear ‘Raining Blood’ and ‘Angel Of Death’, they also want to hear ‘Disciple’ or even ‘Implode’.” King also said that the crisis also derives from low record sales and that success shouldn’t be measured with sales, but concert attendance.