This is the seventh album by Killswitch Engage and the second one after the return of their original singer, Jesse Leach. Although their most commercially successful albums were recorded with Howard Jones behind the mic, Leach’s comeback was well received; same thing with ‘Disarm the Descent’, three years ago. ‘Incarnate’ is a good album as well, full of songs that showcase the best elements of Killswitch Engage: Solid songs, mostly straight forward and short, many great riffs and melodic choruses. Listening to ‘Alone I Stand’, it’s hard not to admit that those guys are good at what they do, and deserve the success they’re having. The record has at least 3-4 potential singles/hits. On the other hand, song structures are pretty much the same, there isn’t an adventurous composition that would lift the whole thing up.

If you like ‘Incarnate’, I suggest you listen to ‘The Hymn of a Broken Man’ by Times of Grace, another collaboration between Adam Dutkiewicz and Leach.