Two legends of AOR. Two superb representatives of the melodic rock genre come together on a record and deliver a flawless sample of AOR that takes you back in time when such songs as “Broken Promises”, “Burning Heart”, “The Search is Over”, “Hold The Line”, “Rosanna” stormed the airwaves all over the world. Jimi Jamison (ex- Survivor) and Bobby Kimball (ex-Toto) don’t need any introductions. Their names and their contribution to music is well-known to all the fans. When the news broke that those two singers would collaborate, you know beforehand, almost instinctively that the result woyld be nothing less than spectacular. And of course, we weren’t proved wrong!
The fruit of Jamison/Kimball’s labor is successful and you cannot resist in adjusting your c.d. player on the “repeat mode” (especially for songs like “Worth Fighting For”, “Can’t Wait For Love”, “We Gotta Believe”). My only criticism lies on the fact that Mat Sinner’s production is far too heavy for an AOR album.

If Jamison and Kimball would return to the bands that made them household name, then every single AOR fan would be filled with joy!

Highlight: Check out the making of the album and the two video-clips that can be found in the limited edition of the album.